New Section - Perk Decks
Recently, while browsing the Gameplay Changing Mods section of Payday 2's BLT, I came across a few custom Perk Decks. Now, this isn't anything spectacular on its own, it got me thinking.
Perk Decks can add a new layer of playstyle to Payday 2, so, why not have a new section under Gameplay Changing Mods specifically for Custom Perk Decks/Perk Deck Replacements, so that way when someone wants to find something to spice up their game, without wanting to overhaul everything (like, and no offense to them, I love them, weapon overhauls, Ghost 145+, Death Wish+), they can find something small that'll open up a whole new playstyle for them.

In addition, it'll also possible encourage more custom perk decks. And I don't know about y'all, but I love me some new stuff.

- Definta
Voice Actor, Rookie Musician, Horrible Mod Maker, Roleplayer, and staff member of too many things to list.
Added section for that

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