custom track help
so almost all of my tracks seem to be stopping inside of the assault phase except my old trakcs they work just fine can somebody help me and try to figure the problem out im out of ideas seriously  if anyone found the problem pls tell me so i can fix it  if i can
I think I can help you, just tell me which ones have that problem.

Okay, I found the problem. I checked your "your last chance" and "chains" tracks and converted assault parts back to .wav. It seems both assault parts have muted parts. Sending you the "chains" track's assault .bik, convert it back to .wav with RAD video tools and see it for yourself. I've seen that problem before so it won't be a problem to fix it, just re-edit the .wav file and convert it agan and check the .movie file if its reoccuring.
.rar   CHAINS.rar (Size: 4.52 MB / Downloads: 1)
thanks man really thanks a lot finally holy crap finally i know how to fix it thanks a lot i wish you a nice da

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