"Dark Zone" area
Would it be possible to have a section of the downloads for Payday 2 (Or any other game that might benefit from this) where mods that most likely won't get on the site let alone stay on due to the topic that they are based up on (Cheats and highly illegal things are excluded) where there is no monetization and no promotion of any kind on the site, Strictly if you want to see if there is anything new or check for updates on a mod you will need to go and look yourself also moderation of this area would be a bit looser than the normal site

Dark Zone is just a place holder that I came out with since the idea kind of reminds me of the Dark Zone in Tom Clancy's: The Division
Frankly I rather the Anarchy thread like there was way back when Last Bullet was a thing

Personally I have mods that would be able to be posted here and I don't mind sharing on the normal site since they are just gags but due to their content they have been reduced to personal mods, Still good enough for me

EDIT:Some of the original upload rules could still apply
The following edits are subject to change if needed to!!!.
  • "Do not upload someone else's work. If you do not have permission from the original author to upload their mod, then it will be removed. Seek to request permission from the original author before posting." This is obvious but shouldn't include mods that have an educational purpose (Like having the swastika on some cops)

  • "Do not upload or distribute content not safe for all ages, such as pornographic content." This rule itself can be used here but it is also restrictive, I would suggest something like "Do not upload any content that might be deemed illegal" this rule itself is a bit weird since anything **** related is "Illegal" in Germany (Except for educational purposes) anything drug related can already be posted on to the main site anyway.

  • "Do not upload cheats." Yea, This rule is staying as is, Hate the people who cheat

  • "Do not upload mods that grant users DLC or locked content. Piracy is not allowed" Leave the Piracy to the Somalian pirates (a.k.a it's not allowed here)

  • "Do not upload mods that alter the experience of other players against their will." I agree with this, if you are planning on uploading such mod, it will be taken down

  • "Do not "bump" your mods without making any changes. If you make changes, please document them in the changelog." Again I agree with this, Though there should be a system to force the version number to the previous if such requirements are not met (Little idea for the normal site too)

  • "Do not upload mods that intentionally impact other mods in malicious way." We are a community, if you upload such a mod then you're just a dick and will be seen to

  • "Do not upload malicious mods." We don't want a repeat of the Angry planes mod back when the GTA V modding scene came about'

  • "Do not upload spam." This area will be subjected to some low effort mods but I do not mean just spam mods that are never going to be updated at any point in time unless it's disclosed that the mod is dead

  • "Do not upload jokes mods that are non-functional / made to intentionally frustrate / created to mislead." I can agree to a point where if you are going to make a joke mod that will fuck up someone's game it should be disclosed that this is a joke mod intended to play on friends. As for frustration Pretty much leave it out people can upload what they want (To a certain extent) if your triggered simple fix..... Don't download it

NOTE: If this turns out to be a no then it's not a lose for me as I frankly only came up with this idea just now xD
Interesting idea..

I'll hit up Tats if it's feasbile

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