About Vermintide modding
Griffin02 started modding Vermintide in 2016. He made the first announcement about the lua injector. This got me starting on this project and I made some example lua scripts. Like Hooking, KeyBoard Control, Draw stuff, Spawn stuff. Eventually this became a framework.
The first mod that became popular was the third person mod made by Grasmann and me.


Over time the community grew and started to learning how to mod the game using the framework as a base. Some tools we delivered are: mod file extensions, mod manager to install/uninstall mods and to manage them, language support for EN/NL (core is working, mods still need to be migrated in).

Right now you can execute your own code via lua injection in Vermintide. Using this you can inject your own Lua code and mess with the game functions. The game source code also has been de-compiled and is publicly available on Github.

Tech Detail
Vermintide is made by Fatshark. The game uses the Stingray engine which is made by Fatshark themselves. It uses LuaJit to execute code.

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