Vermintide Mod Framework
Hey guys,

Here a mod for Warhammer End Times Vermintide that gives you a lot of new features in the game. This project contains a lua injector and a library to allow developers to create there own mods.

[Image: JaLG12A.jpg]

Latest v0.17.2: Download
This version has been tested on Warhammer End Times Vermintide v1.8.5

1: Just click the vmm.exe
2: click install on the left top
3: click the mods you would like to use
4: Click launch at the left top
5: enjoy the game!

When the game starts and you reach the inn there will be the message:
Vermintide Mod Framework x.x.x Started

How to install:


Type "help" in the chat or open "doc/index.html" in your web browser
[Image: YySLvtO.png]

For developers:
Vermitide has been made in Stingray engine. This means there are function calls that are not explained in the leaked source code. These function calls can be found with documentation here: Stingray engine

Source Code:
Game source code extracted by walterr:
8th March 2017: https://www.*************.me/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=19346
11th February 2017: https://www.*************.me/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=19209
14th December 2016: http://www.*************.me/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=18813
27th November 2016: http://www.*************.me/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=18691

Game source code extracted by Griffin02:
22nd August 2016: http://www.*************.me/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=18021
28th May 2016: http://www.*************.me/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=17463

Change logs:
===== Vermitide-Mod-Framework 0.17.2 ===============
update vermitideconsole.dll:
    Because false positive virusccanner reports

add Language:
    Made a language module to support in any mods language packes
    And load them in first before the acual mod itself does.
    See AllReady and Ban mod how the language has been implemented.
    Also i patched all the core function to Enlish and Dutch.
    More languages will be added to the mods files and the framework.
    Contact me if you want to contribute to transelate new languages.
    See: "Mod Settings > Language" in the mod settings
update MoreRatWeapons:
    Grasmann implemented shields on rats. This include heath on shield,
    sound effects, and throw away the shield when its out of health.
    See: "More Rat Weapons" in the mod settings
update readme files:
    Kyrial edit the readme files for a lot of mods.

add PubBrawel:
    Because pub brawl is disabled default. This will spawn the wooden sword
    and a beer barrle in the inn to fight your friends again! :D
update CheatProtect:
    Together with aussiemon we had some new cheat cases.
    Eventually we made together to detect those cheaters and prevents
    people using it on your server.

update MissionControl:
    Because of preperation of new QoL version we split the mod in
    two mods. Called "MissionFail" and "MissionWin"
===== Vermitide-Mod-Framework 0.17.0 and 0.17.1 ===============
Add Vermintide Mod Manager:
    This allows you to install and uninstall the framework and mods
    Very easy.
    1: Just click the vmm.exe
    2: click install on the left top
    3: click the mods you would like to use
    4: Click launch at the left top
    5: enjoy the game!

    - Fixed manual heal hotkyes
    - Reduced pickup travel
    - Add Weapon kick option to filter weapons
    - Extracted kick level, kick weapon to seperate mods
    - Refuse connection to banned clients
    - Relocated config file

    - Added option to kick cheaters

    - Added more interruptible actions
    - Changed to only listen to glaive animation event

    - Bolt staff charging animation
    - Only loads latest version of a mod
    - Config to filter incompatible mod versions
    - Fixed error in 1.8.5

    - Relocated config file
    - Check if chat channel exists

    - Added Command to clean items in 10 meter radius
    - Check if dialogue exists in dialogue system

    - Fixed issues when teleporting through certain walls
Fixed several misspellings "Vermitide" instead of "Vermintide"

    - Made reload animation options independent from main options

Added ThirdPersonEquipment
    - Added option one-handed weapons ( back, belt )
    - Added option waywatcher dual weapons ( back, belt )
    - Added option dwarf weapons ( back, backpack )
    - Added option dwarf one-handed weapons ( dwarf weapons, back, belt )

Relocated options of various mods in the mod settings
Added FollowHost
Added Kick Level

Added Kick Weapon
Added dialogue crash fix
Removed grey seer and beta fixes

Removed HeadShotFix

========== Vermitide-Mod-Framework 0.16.2 =====================
    - Removed grey seer
    - Added stormvermin champion
    - Optimizations
Added WaywatcherCrouchFix

Mod Settings:
    - Added check to prevent multiple option widgets to have same user setting name
    - Fixed duplicate user setting names in option widgets

========== Vermitide-Mod-Framework 0.16.1 =====================
    - Removed transmission of trinket traits
    - Fix for ammo not updating in some cases after loading screen
    - When using health color coding white health will show white name
    - Removed hotkeys
    - Optimizations
    - Migrated loadout tooltip to LoadoutManager
Added FasterWeaponSwitch

    - Fixed error with option check

========== Vermitide-Mod-Framework 0.16.0 =====================
    - No fade to black anymore
    - Fixed toggle script
    - Crash fix
    - Fix to make work as client
    - Added favorite tooltip
Updated mods to new structures
    - GiveOtherItems, ChatBlock, FriendlyFire, Light, MoreRatWeapons, PlayerListShowEquipment, ChatDeveloper, ChatHistory, DevConsole, ChestInfo, MissionControl, EnemySpawner, Melting, NoOvercharge, GodMode, ItemSpawner
    - Reworked network model to client-to-client
    - Fix check if player exists
Renamed mods:
    - PlayerList - split into PlayerListPing, PlayerListKick
    - PlayerListShowEquipment - PlayerListEquipment
Mods.ui component:
    - Reworked theme and control management
    - Reworked network model to client-to-client
    - Disabled hotkeys to heal bots
    - Implemented loadout tooltip
    - Spawn wooden sword and barrel for pvp
    - Added toggle option
    - Added fix for missing 3rd person reload animation as client
    - Added option to stop 3rd person reload animation when reload finished
    - Added option to extend animations which are too short
    - Fix to make work as client

========== Vermitide-Mod-Framework 0.15.6 =====================
    - Carried over changes from QoL
Added CrosshairCustomizations:
    - Optimized
Added InventoryFiltering
Updated Mods.ui component:
    - Fixed issues with multiple windows
    - Added Textbox, checkbox, dropdown controls
    - Reworked code and optimized
    - Changed for new Mods.ui version

Updated mods to new structures
    - ChargeLevelIndicator, DodgeJump
========== Vermitide-Mod-Framework 0.15.5 =====================
    - Added command to kill one bot
Third person:
    - Fixed function not returning value
    - Fixed issue with numpad buttons
Added PlayerName:
    - Shows player names above players
    - Support for color coding based on character health
    - Don't render name of local player
Added HeadShotFix:
    - Fix for error on fatsharks side.
    - Added ping chat command for chests
    - Fixed reload issues
    - Restructured
    - Sync ammo over network
    - Fixed reversed disable function
    - Split up from rest of hud mods
    - Added hiding hands, fixed hiding outlines
    - Hide mission objectives, player outlines, crosshair
    - Hides more stuff
    - Removed incorrect dependency
    - Show level of players in ban message
    - Implemented protection for players so they don't get kicked on difficulty change
    - Patch to allow custom conditions
    - Removed condition check when not in inn
Added Deathwish and Stromvermin mutation
    - Fixed clients not getting some dices in deathwish

Changed GodMode, NoOvercharge, UnlimitedItems:
    - Deactivated after reloading mod
    - Fixed text for grim
    - Optimizations
    Split into Hud, AmmoMeter, FriendlyFire
Mod Settings:
    - Various fixes
Streamlined mod registration
Updated mods to new structures
    - AllReady, Ban, CharacterLevel, ChatBlock, ChatDeveloper, ChatHistory, CheatProtect, DevConsole, DodgeJump, EnemySpawner, EnemySpawnRates, GiveOtherItems, GodMode, AutoReleaseVent, AmmoMeter, PauseGame, UnlimitedItems, ThirdPerson, Teleport, Superjump, PlayerName, ShowItems, StructureSpawner, SpawnItemFunc, ShowDamage
Added ChargeLevelIndicator, TrueflightTweaks, EnemyHighlight

Updated Mods Settings:
    - Missing "Mod Settings" button with tobii eye tracker
Updated Healthbar, ShowDamage:
    - Added support for stromdorf dlc
Added MoreRatWeapons, FollowingTorch

Updated FollowingTorch:
    - Old torches get removed

========== Vermitide-Mod-Framework 0.15.4 =====================
update: WE mod v2:
    Completely reworked the mod.
    New export types:
    - Items (Weapons, Trinkets and Hats)
    - Grenades
    - Overcharge and overcharge explosion
    - Proper headshot modifiers
    - Melee attack speed
    - Better refire delay calculation
    - Melee and ranged overhead interruption (wanted to add complete stagger information but this turned out to be the only meaningful stat)

update: Mission Control:
    Function call needed more parameters. Before, adding bonus dice to the loot table only worked for the host.

Fix show damage on corpses

Add: Less chat spam option:
    A lot of scripts give feedback that's not always necessary.
    To change see: "Mod Settings > Hotkey feedback"

fix: LoadoutSaver:
    This mod could crash when you exit the inventory while changing items. It now waits
    for all items to load before exiting the inventory screen.
    Loadouts now load every time you enter the invenoty screen.
    At last, when you restore loadout settings item list will now update properly.

Add Light > Disco mod:
    All lights will change color. Will work on all levels.
    Type "/disco"

add: Third Person with First Person zoom option:
    This allows you to have first person zoom in third person mode.

patch: Healthbars and ShowDamage mod:
    Add Grey Seer breed

update: ChatBlock:
    By request of those who missed the old version of chat block, you now have an option
    to also block with ranged weapons but without the animations or pushing afterwards.

Add: Ban kick low level players:
    This allows you to set a minimum required player level for Nightmare and Cataclysm.
    If a player below the specified in mod settings level joins, he will be automatically
    kicked off the server.

================ IamLupo mods 0.15.3 ==========================
patch dinput8.dll:
    Made a generation windows path function. Friend had windows
    installed on D:\ and not default on C:\

Add Cheat Protect Option:
    Add a activate Cheat Protection

patch Animation fix:
    Before clients could still be crashed by server. With this
    patch the server checks first before he send animation status.

patch BotImprovements:
    Add Revive fix and keep tome functionality.
patch LoadOutSaver:
    If a loadout has a item that doesnt exist anymore it crashed
    the game.

patch Chat Block:
    Made it optional to have a push at the end of the chat

================ IamLupo mods 0.15.2 ==========================
patch dinput8.dll:
    Reverse engeneerd griffin's dinput8.dll to C++, manage to patch
    access violation fixes.

patch gramatica fixes:
    YourVault on reddit noticed some ugly gramatica bugs.

patch System Chat:
    Because 1.7 beta released the chat System crashed on start up
    because missing resources.

patch vermintideconsole.dll:
    Because 1.7 beta the mod_loader didnt start anymore. Took a
    new way to let the mod_loader start again.

================ IamLupo mods 0.15.1 ==========================
Fix: Storm Vermine mod:
    Cause the game crash on loot table.

================ IamLupo mods 0.15 ============================
Add mod_loader and mods folder:
    The mod_loader folder provides scripts for loading mods into the game as well as fixes,
    functionality to make developing new mods easier and a few built-in features.
    New mods can be added by placing .mod files in the mods directory.

Add plugins:
    This allows us to load new plugins that are available for lua.
    Added zip, json, lfs plugins

Add Mutator manager:
    This allows us to easier add mods that modify existing variables in the game and toggle
    them on and off, a la Unreal Tournament. Also provides functionality for grouping mutators,
    where only one mutator of each group can be active at a time.
    Right now there are two mutators that add new game modes to the game.

    Added serilializing and deserialising functionality.
    This lets us communicate bewteen client and server.
    Look into "loadfile/network.lua"
    Implemented ping data transaction between server and client in
    PlayerList mod.

Migrate all mods to .mod files:
    All mods that have been made in the past few months have been separated and
    put into .mod files in the mods directory. This allows users to get rid of unwanted features
    like cheats    and add new mods easier.

Add Mods.manager:
    This manages all mod files. It reads the config.json inside
    the mod file. Based on this it executes the scripts inside the mod file.
Removed Mod Modes:
    Because we can now load custom .mod files we don't need mod modes
    (Lite/NoCheat/Full) anymore.

Add Mods.options_menu:
    This allows mods to register widgets in the options menu and put them
    in separate groups.

Add SystemChat command registration:
    Most chat commands are now specified in the config.json file of each mod.

Add Deathwish and Stormvermin Mutation mods:
    Custom game modes providing higher difficulty and new challenges.
    These can be turned on in the Mutators group in Mod Settings.
    Made by Grimalackt, edited by UnShame.

Add CheatProtection mod:
    This mod prevents people from crashing your game by spawning too many items.
    Made by Grimalackt.
Add CharacterLevel mod:
    Allows you to change your level with a slider in Mod Settings.    

Fix SystemChat bug:
    SystemChat activation wasn't checked correctly.

================ IamLupo mods 0.14.2 ==========================
Patched Third Person:
    Reset after charter/enquipment change

Add commands:
    /killbots, /hud, /keyblock and /we
    The we is the Vermintide Value Extractor, It extract game information
    like weapons/enemies/abilities and a lot of more and converts it to .csv files.
    Please look at one of his lasts results here:
    Made by Unshame

patched chat:
    - Add strictness in chat commands. Needs to start with "/"
    - Fix carret index and repeating messages
    - Patched all chat script to return executing went correct

patched Mods.exec:
    Executed script can return values back to the caller.

Removed Smoke bombs:
    Fatshark desided to remove the smoke bomb out of the pickup list.
    Desided to remove the smoke bomb totally out of the mod.

Add C calls:
    Add a example to call custome C system calls. This gives ability to
    create directory in a map. Look at "functions/Mods.ffi.lua",
    "loadfile/dir.lua" and "loadfile/message.lua"

Add Development Console:
    This will open a console window where all debug code fatshark
    has made is visable.
    Look at Options > Mod Settings > System > Development Console Window

Add ShowItems:
    Add the Lorebook pages to the list.

Spawn Lorebook page:
    Because Smoke bomb is removed the lorebook page will take his place.
    CTRL + F7
Add fix:
    - Backend: This is a old bug there is still in the game what not many people has.
    - 13_02_2017_0001: This is a lorebook page bug that crashed your game.

Add DodgeJump:
    Because the 1.6 patched the dodge jump onto walls i got a request to let it work again.
    This can be enabled in Cheats.

Add Enemie Spawn:
    This allows you to choose extra spawn rate for specials. This to make your game
    harder. Need feedback for community what settings works best.

Add Options menu structure:
    I made a CreateWidget in OptionsInjector to make the widget based on a settings structure. This to
    make everywhere the same way handle the options menu.

Removed Version Check:
    ************* forced me to remove this :'( cry cry cry

================ IamLupo mods 0.14 ============================
Add Player Enquiptment:
    When you press tab to see all players you see now the load out
    of other players.

Add Ban system:
    When you kick someone you can type in the chat "ban"
    This player will be automaticly be kicked out the room and
    will be stored in a "mods/Ban_list.lua"

Add Spawn protection:
    Clients can not spawn more then 5 items in the game.
    If they spawn more then the server will be alarmed of.

Add chat command clean:
    This removes all items that are spawned.

Add Loadout saver:
    Save your load out in your inventory for different
    charter configuration types. Made by walterr.

    This is a basic structure for custom rpc network calls.
    Because of unable to test many cases and only have one
    game client i was unable to fully test it.
    Extra: Migrated also the ping information into a list. This list
    will be generated by the server and spread to the clients.
    This way the clients can also know the ping of other clients.

================ IamLupo mods 0.13 ============================
Add Mod mode:
    This exist in 3 parts: Lite, NoCheat and Full. This will load
    different modules to provent to have cheat scripts running.
    Default Lite is enabled.

Add Option menu key binding:
    This allows you to config your own key binding on actions.
    Made by grassman

Add Loadout saver:
    This allows you to load/save you charter enquipment settings.
    Made by walterr

Add Ping yourself:
    This allows you to let other people know where to go by
    ping yourself and to make sound like "Follow me"

Add Bot Improvement:
    This allows you to have inproved bots that can slightly aim better.
    Stay closer to you and pick all objects arround you. Including bombs.
    Also you can control there health items.
    Made by walterr

Add parameters to Mods.exec:
    This allow you to pass parameters through scripts.
Patched structures:
    - and Mods.keyboard handle there own update cycle
    for commands and keybindings.
    - user_settings: patched all patches with strict structure

Fixed torch bug:
    Torch made annoying sound when first person mode. Also torch repeated a
    particle effect. All fixed.
Fixed Show damage:
    When you choose the "me only" option the game crashed.

================ IamLupo mods 0.12.3 ==========================
Patch utf8:
    None urf8 strict name where crashing my mod in game.

Add Teleport:
    You can now teleport by aiming on a position with
    (ctrl + shift + left mouse)

================ IamLupo mods 0.12.2 ==========================
add Show Items:
    Shows item icons above items.

Add Bitmap example:
    Shows how to draw pictures on the screen.

Add Mod update:
    Alerts when a new mod version has been released

Add Chat History:
    When you typed a command or text in the chat. You
    can press up key to have your old typed messages.

Fix Smoke grenades:
    When smoke bomb where deactivated they kept spawning in levels.

Removed old keyboard:
    Sinds version 1.5 Vermitide using a new keyboard mapping.

Add clear command:
    Clears the system chat and makes it empty again.

================ IamLupo mods 0.12.1 ==========================
Patched Options menu:
    Fixed posion of widgets and last item that was not clickable

Patched Third Person:
    When you switch from third person to first person the weapon
    did not show up anymore.

Patched Melting Promo:
    Promo items did not show up anymore in melting list.

Patch Ogre in Inn:
    Ogre can spawn in the Inn again. In the beta it was not possible

Add SystemChat:
    all the EchoConsole results will be redirected to the systemChat.
    This to not overflow the chat window with useless information.

Patched Show damage:
    Now possible to output in system chat or the normal chat.
    Also add colors

Fixed Controller:
    Copied keyboard settings to xbox controller settings

Fixed No item use:
    short key functionality did not react anymore.

================ IamLupo mods 0.12 ============================
Update options menu:
    - Add groups of options that you can close and open.
    - Add Show Healthbar configuration options.
    - Add Show Player Damage configuration options.
    - Patched OptionsInjector with package.loaded defenitions table.

Add Hook v2:
    There is a new way of managing and calling the Mods.hook functionality.
    This give more control to disable and stop the hooks. Look at "mods/loadfile/debug"
    for examples. Also all the lua scripts are patched with this new hook functionality.

Add Show damage:
    This shows in the chat how much damage you done. Also it can be display
    detail information of how made the damage and what part of the body.
    See "Options > Mod Settings > Show Player Damage" for activation.
Add Chat Block:
    While you are in the chat the game will automaticly block your
    attacks from enemies until it runs out of stamina
    See "Options > Mod Settings > System" for activation.

add Fatshark eastern egg:
    Press "w, w, s, s, a, d, a, d" and see the magic :P

================ IamLupo mods 0.11.2 ==========================
Patch Healthbar total:
    Before there was a limit in the total health bars that could be
Add Damage display:
    Add in the options menu to show the damage totals that the players makes.

Patch Third Person floating arms
    Before the third person had some funky situations that it showed
    floating arms.
Add Third Person zoom:
    Add aiming zoom options in options menu
Patched tab player list:
    Profile could not be opened.
Patched enemie spawning:
    If you joined someones game and you pressed "i", "o", "p"
    you could crash your game. Add a check your the server.

Add Options in menu:
    Chat Developer, God Mode, No overcharged, Skip Level Cutscenes
    Unlimited items

================ IamLupo mods 0.11.1 ============================
Patch OptionsInjector:
    fixed for beta

================ IamLupo mods 0.11 ============================
Patched Third person:
    Fixed a lot of bugs and costomization. Look at Documentation for more information.

Add Health bars:
    Show health bars above enemies and object when you damage it.
    When you are far away it will be removed.
Add Ping and kick button:
    Add these functionalities in the tab menu. You can also kick now
    everyone that in your server without having to vote.

Add Options menu:
    Grassman add Mod settings in the options menu. This will only work for 1.4.3
    We will patch it later for 1.5.0+

Add Website Documentation:
    With "help" command you can now open the steam browser and opens the documentation.

Add Hook functionality:    
    More structured hook functionality. Look "mods/loadfile/debug" directory
    for more examples.
================ IamLupo mods 0.10 ============================
Added: Third Person view:
    Enable to view yourself in a third person. We even made a
    setting part in the mod_loader.
    Enable: (ctrl + middle mouse)
    Switch sides: (alt + middle mouse)
    Credits to Grasmann

Added: No Heat Overcharge
    No more heat on all weapons. (ctrl + shift + o)
    Credits to overlord420
Added: Drop items
    Now you can drop items you have picked up.
    (alt + right mouse)

Patched: Bots take Grim
    If you target/ping with "T" the grim the bots will pick it up.
    Credits to walterr

Patched: Give items to others
    If you wield to your item you can give this item to other players.
    Alert: With the grim this will not work

Added: Ping information
    Shows the ping information if you are the server.
    Credits to Blackstronaut
Patched Melt Promo items:
    Before purple items could not be melted before.

================ IamLupo mods 0.9 =============================
Add Chat commands:
    Animation message, Give Item and Servername. ReadMe.txt
    explains more.
Add TextToGrid function:
    This converts text to a grid. This will be used in the chat

Send Chat message without a name:
    This allows me to make a animation without sending the users
    name to the chat.

Patch Completer level with to much books:
    When you finished the game with to much tomes, grims or
    loot dices the game crashed. Filter this before the game finished.

Add More structure:
    Made a structure in the loadfile part. All scripts must be in the
    "mods/loadfile" directory. Files must have a lua extension.
    Also Mods.exec function will need two parameters for executing.
Patch Grim:
    Grim can be take by the bots when you target the grim with "t".

Add Pause Game:
    You can pause everyone in your game. (ctrl + shift + p)

Add Skip Cutscenes:
    Dont have the annoying camera movement at the beginning anymore ;)
    (ctrl + shift + k)
================ IamLupo mods 0.7 + 0.8 =======================
Made new dll:
    A new type of dll that injects lua scripts in the game.

Add EchoConsole:
    The messages will be send to the chat window only shown for the local

Add Chat Command:
    In the Mods class i added a chat command handler to filter out commands.
Add Chat Animation:
    In the Mods class i added a animation event handler.
    This allows you to show your animations in chat.

Patch World:
    I patch 1.4.0 the dev liked it to remove hats out the game.
    A lot of people could not start the game anymore. This let them
    start the game and patch there account again.

================ IamLupo mods 0.6 =============================
Made Patch hooking functions:
    I realised hooking the function call and run my own code is more
    easier to maintain. This makes me less depandend on the accual
    source code. An example is in the update events in
    MatchmakingManager and ConflictDirector. Also i converted some
    old patches to this new style.

Add custome key Map:
    Before I used the DebugKeyMap. But in different versions they have
    adjust it and right now i made my own static settings. This is needed
    to filter the key we need to listen to.

Patch Keyboard initializing:
    In this new update they desided to initialise the key binding after every
    new game. I hook this process to the "StateInGameRunning.event_game_started"
    and "StateInGameRunning.event_game_actually_starts" to always listen for key presses.
Manually start:
    I desided that you need to type first "loadfile mod" to start my mod.
    I took this desision because i can not rely on any decompiled script.
    It can be changed in the future and this will cause problems.
Known Problem:
    Gravity not working:
        In 1.4.0 they changed something i still need to figure out.

================ IamLupo mods 0.5 =============================

Enable to do random adventure:
    Before there where separated advanger random buttons.
    I combined both ubersreik and drachenfels to choose a random level.

================ IamLupo mods 0.4 =============================

Patched Key binding:
    Before i had with if statements to check if ctrl, alt of shift where not pressed.
    I add this check in the keypress function itself.

Patched grim and tome key bindings:
    The g was for push to talk and t was for targeting. While croutched the items spawned
    Changed it to ctrl + f9 and ctrl + f10
Patched Random game:
    When select random game the game crashed. It used a old function call.

================ IamLupo mods 0.3 =============================
Enabled Mod Loader:
    This is the base of my mods. This enables that it have key press detection
    Also it combines keybindings to functionality.
    The Mods also have some events. This allows me to correctly handle key press
    events with the right parameters.
    Made a separated action directory easly add existing scripts to a key press.
    I also add a extra reload (ctrl+shift+r) command to reload Mod Loader for
    easier development.
    Changed files:
Patched Developer Yellow Chat name:
    Removed modified SteamHelper and changed it to a keybinding option. (ctrl+shift+d)

================ IamLupo mods 0.1 =============================

Enable/Patch DebugKeyHandler:
    This is the build in functionality in the game that allows me to get
    key press detection. This has extra effect that we have the development
        p = spawn enemie.
        o = switch to other enemie to spawn
        i = remove all the enmies
    I also implemented a patch on this functionality because the o switched to
    a enemie that hasnt been implomented correctly. I made it skip this enemie
    Changed files:

Change Server name:
    This allows me to have a customized server name.
    Changed files:
Enable Smoke grenade:
    This was a grenade that was already in the game in the background.
    After testing the grenate itself didnt do any damage. I modify it a bit that
    it does damage for a small range. Also i added the smoke grenate to the
    drop list. This makes smoke bombs spawn in all levels, chests and loot rat.

    Changed files:

Enable Developer Yellow Chat name:
    It checks if you are in the Develper Clan to enable Developer chat look.
    Changed files:

Enable Lorebook:
    This is a new feature in the game that we will expect to the near future.
    It will be a Information database of all the enmies there are and to give
    more detail about the games surroundings.
    This will enable to spawn lorebook pages arround the levels.
    The lorebook in the inn should be open with j but its not working correctly
    Changed files:

Patch the fireflame staff:
    The fireflame staff had a very annoying bug that it could crash the game
    when it hit a team mate. This was caused because it missing particle/sound
    settings. I patched the functions where it things that these settings exist
    without checking the settings exist.
    Changed files:

Patch fire Grenades:
    The fire grenades could crash the server when you throw them in the inn.
    Apperntly it didnt handle the sound correctly.
    Changed files:

Patch Profile save corruption:
    I had a long time profile corruption that caused all my map progress was
    gone. This was caused because my save file contained some save data
    multiple time. With this patch i manage to save all my results to all
    those variables instead of one.
    Changed files:


Questions and Answers:
Can you get banned for using this mod?
At moment there are no reports that people are banned for using this mod or using a lua injector. Keep in mind people can send private reports to developers and maybe take action in the future.
I hope this community use this mod in there own server and not abuse it on someone else his server.

Why you started modding vermitide?
Griffin02 has inspired me to execute my own script. This gave me over time more control over more components in the game. Also the game itself missed some flexibility what we couldn't ask of the Vermitide developers. (basic game fixes or new functionalities) In the end it was just to make this game exited again for our self. Like after 2000 hours played things becomes boring xD

Aaaaaaand we back from the dead :D

We worked hard again in the background and we finally ready to release version 0.17.4
We update/fix/add a lot of in this update and we hope you gonna like it! :D


   ===== Vermitide-Mod-Framework 0.17.4 ==========================
   add HealthProc mod:
       Hides Graphic effects on bloodlust/regrowth procs.
   add LobbyImprovements mod:
       Improve the lobby list what heroes are already taken.
       Also adds a server blacklist button to hide or alarm what you dont like.
       Made by /dev/null
   fix Ban:
       Show warning before player get kicked
   add: TruePrivate mod
       Enables you to make the room be private, even for your friends.
       Add a enable option on te playerlist when you press tab.
       Add a enable option on the map select on the inn table.
       And as always you can find it in the mod settings.
   add: TrueSolo mod
       This makes the room be private and remove all the bots.
       This way you can solo all maps.
       Orginally made by Aussiemon
   add: IncreasedOgre mod:
       Options to increase the Ogre to be harder to kill it.
       Made by Jsat/ Prop joe, IamLupo and Aussiemon
   update SkipCutscene:
       made cursor fix made by Aussiemon
   add: SalvageOnLoottable mod
   fix: ThirdPerson:
       null 'start_time' on reload
   fix: OptionMenu:
       wrong debug output
   Remove Dialog fix and add to framework:
       Since Fatshark desided to remove the "This way" sound in the inn.
       This caused problems and this can crash other people.
       Made a universal fix that protect other players and protect your own server.
   update CleanItems:
       Add commands:
           /clean > Remove all items close to you
           /clean_health > Remove all healing items in the game
           /clean_all > Remove all items in the game
   update TrinketIndicator:
       made by Walterr
   add: Blend mod
       Gives you possebility to change the world environment.
       Like you can play all the maps in darkness! :D
   fix: ChestInfo:
       crash game shader nil parameter
   add German Language:
       Made by luett
   add Russian Language:
       credits to Konode
   update TimerIndicator
       - Ported the swift slaying/haste/berserk indicators to the framework.
       - start_time didnt reset, credits to Walterr
   add: RandomLevel mod
       Adviced by "Runny Eggs"
   Aussiemon fix:
       Fixed missing champion healthbar option, globadier typo
   patch MoreRatWeapons:
       We made a lot of changes to make it more stable and custamizable.
   patch Dialog:
       Added functionality to play dialogues server-side

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