Metal Gear Solid V - WEM-Soundfiles Converting
So here is how to get the WEM Files into a format you can actually use.

Here is what I did:

First you need to get this download:

After this you got to steamapps/MGS_TPP\master

You take the files from the gzs tool. Not the folders, only the files.
And move them to that folder.

Now you run the commandline/cmd from this folder. You do this by pressing alt+d while having the window selected, then typing cmd and pressing enter.

Now we unpack a .dat of our choice. I am unpacking chunk1.dat and so I write this into the cmd window.

GzsTool chunk1.dat

Once it finished I got to the new chunk1 folder and find my .wem files.
In my case I go to chunk1\Assets\tpp\sound\external\tape

Download this
And place its files next to the wem files. Then run convert.bat

After that you have a bunch of ogg files.
You may or may not be able to play them.

If you can't install this:
And play them with media player classic.

Now you can convert the file with an audio converter of your choice.

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