This is for people who are wondering where my mods (PersonaHUD & Heist Pack, HyperHUD & 5PB Concert, UnderHUD & Genocide Route & Model Replacements, A Story of Love and Forgetting HUD & Combo Counter (formerly Midnight Animal) have went to.

Well, uh, if you didn't know already, i've quit PAYDAY 2 modding, because i don't play PAYDAY 2 anymore and i simply don't have enough time to make/update mods now.

The deletion of my mods was also a result of a fairly stupid bet with TonisGaming, and i don't regret it.

Feel free to reupload my mods if you still have them; but for the time being, i'm not going to reupload them.

Hopefully this clears up some things for some people.

Or you can just comment stupid shit like "UnderHUD? more like MemeHUD.". That works too.
\r\n[hotline]sans peau.[/hotline]\r\n
UnderHUD? More like AboveHUD

Though now I am curious about this bet with Tonis,
This guy is actually good, he made 2 of my favourite HM mods. With a great soundtrack, let me give you an example. Crystal Castles, Sidewalks and Skeletons, Daughter and Health. They make good songs and he included them. I congratulate this guy for all of his work. Atleast give him a second to check out Make Me Real 1 and Soverigns.

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