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Mod Workshop Rules
Last update to rules: 7th December, 2016

Golden Rule: Treat others how you yourself want to be treated.

General Website Rules
  1. Be polite, if you don't have anything good to say, then don't say anything.
  2. Hate speech, racism, and sexism will not be tolerated. [Words for "black people" are to be handled with more severe punishments, skipping 1st offense.]
  3. Do not harass other users.
  4. Do not provoke other users.
  5. Do not attack other users.
  6. Do not ask for or discuss how to get cheats or pirated content.
  7. Do not excessively use profanity. [If a user has 5-7 swear words in one sentence, then it's too much. If a user has 10-15 swear words in a few sentences, then it's too much. Use your best judgement.]
  8. Do not spam forums, users, or shoutbox.
  9. Do not overuse smilies. [A message can contain a new smilies, 3-5. But an obvious spam and wall of smilies isn't allowed.]
  10. Do not spread slander about other users.
  11. Do not create and/or go on witch hunts for specific users. [We want to provide a safe environment for people, and hunting each other isn't very friendly. All users involved in "the hunt" should be punished.]
  12. Do not post referral links.
  13. Try to not use link shortening services, as they make the destination links unknown, making it difficult for users to know where they are going. 
  14. User avatars containing content not safe for all ages, including but not limited to: Nudity, Lewdness, Racist imagery, Adult content, Offensive content, or Provocative content are not allowed.
  15. Animated user avatars may not be extremely flashy to the point of potential epilepsy hazards.
  16. Users are limited to one account per person. Alternative accounts will be banned.
  17. Ban evasion will not be tolerated.
  18. Do not bypass the swear filter.
  19. Do not abuse website glitches, bugs, or exploits. They should be reported in private to an admin.
  20. If you see someone breaking rules, you should report them on their forum profile. Back lashing at them is considered provocative. Just report them and move on.
  21. Do not post screenshot or video evidence of other users breaking rules of any kind. Evidence about users breaking rules should be sent privately to one of the administrators (listed below).
  22. Do not disobey moderators or admins.
  23. Do not argue with moderators or admins.
  24. Do not disrespect with moderators or admins.
  25. If you think that a staff member has misbehaved, contact someone from Management with screenshot evidence for the event(s).
Shoutbox Rules
In addition to General Website Rules,
  1. Do not insult other users.
  2. Do not spam someone's name to get their attention. If they are not present, they will not respond.
  3. Type like a normal person. Don't type like a child, i.e. using all caps, alternating caps, using unreadable fonts/characters, alternating between different fonts, or typing with spaces after each character.
  4. Do not gang up on other users.
  5. Shoutbox is English only.
Downloads Rules
In addition to General Website Rules, any mod that breaks the following rules will be hidden.
  1. Do not upload someone else's work. If you do not have permission from the original author to upload their mod, then it will be removed. Seek to request permission from the original author before posting.
  2. Do not upload or distribute content not safe for all ages, such as pornographic content.
  3. Do not upload cheats.
  4. Do not upload mods that grant users DLC or locked content. Piracy is not allowed.
  5. Do not upload mods that alter the experience of other players against their will.
  6. Do not "bump" your mods without making any changes. If you make changes, please document them in the changelog.
  7. Do not upload mods that intentionally impact other mods in malicious way.
  8. Do not upload malicious mods.
  9. Do not upload spam.
Other things to consider
  1. Consecutive offenses will result in longer ban lengths.
  2. Behaving on the borderline of breaking any mentioned rules is considered breaking the rule in question.
  3. Respect the moderators, they volunteer to help make mod workshop better! so if you see a mod breaking a rule please report it with the report button.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q) Is this mod a cheat?
A) We will have more detailed information about what mods are accepted in the future.

Staff Contacts
List of Management
List of Section Admins
List of Community Moderators
List of Chat Moderators
List of Site Moderators
New rule for downloads, Rule #7: Do not upload mods that are manipulating other mods with malicious intent.
Rules were updated.
  • Do not "bump" your mods without making any changes. If you make changes, please document them in the mod description.
  • Do not "bump" your mods without making any changes. If you make changes, please document them in the changelog.

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