Do you think that someday modders can add content into this game ?
Would be cool to make custom stories and quests.

No ideas where i can post this thread, so i'm posting it here.
Might be like Black ops 1 where it took about 5 years to even get news about mod tools that wasn't even made by Treyarch
Well this is a good place to post it.

As far as custom stories and quests, that's pretty much a huge feature everyone wants. You CAN make new VN scenes with Neptools (and Kitserver, but that's becoming increasingly incompatible with the Re;Birth games). I've seen several edits over the last year to that effect. However they require a certain degree of "rigging" since you are overriding the original cutscenes, so original facial expressions will be retained in those scenes you adjust. You could replace the backgrounds with a green or blue surface using TIDTool and CSO any new location you want in a video editor, though, now that I think about it. Would make editing a scene overall a lot you can basically make new fiction with Nep characters already.

Of course having it all in-game would be best, especially from a playability standpoint. It's really dependent if a strong scripting system is implemented in Neptools or some other program floating around out there.

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