Neptools - A general purpose Neptunia modification toolkit
Neptools is a multi-use toolkit in development since the beginning of the year. It largely replaces and obsoletes the Kitserver toolkit used throughout 2015. At present, it is the only known toolkit compatible with Re;Birth 1 since the Japanese Language Patch was released in mid-to-late 2016, and it is also the only known toolkit compatible with Hyperdevotion Noire.

Presently, at it's core, it can extract and replace text from many Neptunia games. Like Kitserver, it can use edited CL3 files in this regard, but it can also use plaintext files from Notepad or a similar text editing program for this as well. Thus, instead of repacking files all the time, all game text can be edited quickly and easily.

Whereas Kitserver's CL3 text repacking implementation was extremely sloppy and could result in errors if significant changes were made to a particular scene, Neptools text repacking into CL3 is clean enough to be read under any circumstances. Furthermore, additional lines of text per panel may be added without changing the font used for the game. Finally, not only is Megadimension Neptunia VII (the fourth-ish and newest game in the series) supported, but this is also the only tool with (at least provisional) Hyperdevotion Noire editing support, as well.

Another feature is a full replacement for Kitserver.exe, the Neptunia mod launching program. Kitserver itself was/is infrequently updated, has memory leaks that can affect game performance and stability (VERY IMPORTANT when Re;Birth 2 is taken into account) and has support issues with certain Neptunia releases (the most recent example being, again, the fully-patched Re;Birth 1). Neptools' launcher works without issue on all Re;Birth games, and indeed has little trouble with any game it even loosely supports. Windows users or sophisticated Linux users familiar with WINE may also use a DLL included with the distribution to passively launch their Neptunia mods without the use of a dedicated EXE (this is the mode that the Re;translations presently use, by default).

Support for additional functions is growing at a steady clip, but you may wish to implement support for a specific feature faster than not or fix a critical bug that has not been as of yet reported or detected. As such, Neptools is free and open source, hosted through Github.

Github page: here
Ready-to-use downloads: here
Thats quite cool! Can you add a mirror for it here on lb?
Done. Check the LB download section for Re;Birth 3.
Hello. I found this tool of yours very convenient, but it apparently does not work for me. I'm trying to extract text files from Trinity Universe's .cl3 files.

All I get is this error:

[Image: iCgRERc.png]

Of course, it's very presumptuous of me to expect it to work, since it's a PS3 file, but asking for advice is harmless!

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