Hyperdimension Neptunia - Re;Tranlsation 2
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Alright, the first Neptunia mod I was involved in - Re;Birth Retranslation 2 (or RB2RT for efficiency's sake) - has been out for the better part of a year now. The main goal of the project was to repair or replace the localization done by Idea Factory International - and Nick Doerr specifically - with one that was reasonably close to what a native Japanese gamer would experience. Obviously there will never be a perfect 1:1 translation of any game developed in one location and then released globally, but the original effort was very troubling after Re;Birth 1, where many Neptunia fans had thought Compile Heart and company had finally managed to escape the clutches of NISA-style translations. As of the last year it looks like that breakaway is complete, but the last two Re;Birth games got hit with flak on the way out of that warzone.

So far this modification seems have had a positive reception by most on Steam. This is in part because we have continually improved it over time; it's still not "done" as we are always finding new things to improve with it. After several bugfix passes early on, we implemented more repaired content in v1.3. With v1.4, we implemented a new font, which allowed for us to make more exact changes to the script that we had been able to make in the past. And more recently, with v1.41, we replaced the buggy Kitserver framework that had been a main-stay of Neptunia modding for some time with a simplified version of our own Neptools launcher.

If there's anything anyone wants to discuss about this modification, this is the thread to do it in.

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