Re;act - statement on the new board
Hello, I'm the guy maintaining this section of the site. Also one of the people responsible for the Re;Birth retranslations that have been released over the last year. The last year has been really nuts for me, to say the least.

So there's a now Neptunia board here on Last Bullet, and happily I'm in the process of building up additional modding efforts here for the series. Modding tools have improved substantially over the past year, and now most Neptunia games on the PC can be edited, to one degree or another. Hopefully as time goes on, and more of the backend of the engine is opened up, this board and indeed this site can be used to push those efforts to a new plateau.

As far as what you can expect from me, in this instance, I'll try to establish a place to discuss not only our retranslations here (where it's easy to monitor them) but also actively go and find other modders who might want a place to get their work out to as many people as possible, in a stable environment.

That said, hopefully you'll see very little of me otherwise. As far as my personal style of moderation, I'm pretty chill. As long as it doesn't violate any global rules (all set in soft granite long before I got here), go for it. On topic threads are my basic main preference, though.
Thank you! I wish you a nice time on the site.

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