Reason for my absent
Hello to all the fans and the moding and gaming community out there. I hope you re doing all well so far.
This thread is just for an quick update for the mods from my side and why I didn t spent so much time here.
First of all, I want to say I love this platform. It gives every modder so much opportunity to realize everyones imagination. Kuddos to that.

The reason for my long absent so far is because my dad got pancreatic cancer during the last year. i head to take care of some buissness for him during this difficult time.

Last sunday, july 31rst, he past away after a long fight and struggle.

During the time of his dissease I got no time to make and finish the started mods. I m really sorry for that, but there were some real life problems in the way.

I will try to finish and puplish my started mods that are in a state of Work in Progress but unfortunatly thats gonna take some time now.

I ll hope you can understand that and I wish you a good Heist
[VAL$T] Wolf
Sad to hear about that, rest in peace :(
Sorry for your loss.
My deepest condolences, friend :c

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