Fix flickering shadows Solution
Ever since the Golden Grin update, anyone who plays with Shadow Quality below Very High has terrible flickering shadows. The solution? Download shadow map mod which reduces the quality of shadows, then put the Shadows settings on Very High, which should now be equivalent to Low quality without the terrible flickering.

v1 is compatible with ZDann's graphics tweak.
Interesting. It would be pretty cool to see some performance differences between each potential option. Either way, good job on finding this out!
If someone could modify the mod to make several different versions (make Very High equivalent to Very Low, Medium and High) it would pretty much fix the issue for everyone until OVK do it (which will probably take several more months until that happens)
Inb4 Very Lower Shadow map Mod, Low Shadow map Mod, Medium Shadow map Mod, High Shadow map Mod, and Very High Shadow map Mod.

people be crazy ripping my stuff apart. jeez
unbelieveble low shadow map mod, crazy high ultra shadow map mod plus, extremely medium normal shadow map mod...
128 shadow map mod revealed

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