Introduce yourself!
im bain my real name is bain im 20 years old im right now in germany im a bad modder but its fun all of my mods are trash ...i cant fix it :( cause i dont have the knowledge to work with certain programms sad face
Good day

I'm Aria

Was Nepgearsy before

Matt didnt told me to post
(01-12-2018, 07:07 PM)Aria Gear Wrote: Good day

I'm Aria

Was Nepgearsy before

Matt didnt told me to post

Yea, this is clearly a forced post
eks dee
I am like more than half a year late to the party but guess better late than never.
 My name is Gleb. I am from unknown land called Latvia.
 I am category maintainer on this site, I make new categories for Payday 2 and Raid if no one else takes my job.
 I never make mods and overall I do nothing useful.
 Thanks for your attention I guess xd
Greeting, I'm Gey Memeniac
Not much to tell from me except for I live in U.S and like to make custom heist music for Payday 2
If anyone has a request or so, feel free to contact me
Have a nice day !
Hello, I am Marijn,
I am from the Netherlands and I currently mainly make mod requests which are simple things like flag, music and intro mods.
I mainly make realism mods like Economic Realism or Drag not Bag, I am also working on a big realism mod
I also worked on Fallout New Vegas mods and those got around 1000 downloads on Nexus.
Have a nice day or night
Hi, Name is Aki,
I'm from Hokkaido and currently studying english (I have foreign friends). I am a animation student at university here and play games every once and a while.
Greetings from Japan!

I'm a Supra
hi im shinrax2
current maintainer of real weapon names and creator of mostly silly stuff for friends

fo sho im a penguin
greets shinrax2
Wait, are we supposed to post in here? Oops, sorry.

I'm 18, and live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America. I started playing around with HTML/CSS at 13, and over the course of a few years things snowballed and now I dabble in the dark arts of Python and Lua, manage the official websites for three different relatives with commercial interests, and get all the bragging rights associated with having multiple instances of my code on the servers of a fortune 500 company despite only ever having been an intern there.

When I'm not sleeping through university lectures and humoring my cat, I'm making weapon skins, custom perk decks, and music mods. Most of them are kinda crap and never leave my laptop's hard drive. I plan on uploading the few creations that aren't crap here to modworkshop in the near future so I can issue updates and people can find them more easily, but for the time being I'm mainly here to comment.
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