Introduce yourself!
I'm gonna refresh my introduce
My name is (in Polish) Maciek, eng. Matthew
Im not changing nicks that much anymore
I like Metallica, Motorhead, Sons Of Anarchy Soundtrack...
My favorite character in Payday is Rust, even when i dont have this DLC :P
Not too good at English, but people do understand what i want to say
Im making Menu Track Replacements to Payday 2, but im trying to do Heist one. ACCEPTING REQUESTS [!]
Always available on Steam and Last Bullet
[Image: 06e8e5ffcc2bfef0556a720c5d49d342.jpg]
G'day, I'm Noa (real name Jack)

I make random Payday 2 mods, including the Consistent First Person Arms mod. I study video game development.

Nice to meet you all.
Hi! I'm Maik Macho, also known as 0x0ade.

I'm 18 years old, living in Germany and soon studying Computer Science in Oldenburg.

I've always been interested in computers and technology, and thus began work on projects such as MonoMod, FEZMod, XnaToFna, FEZDroid, which later became FNADroid and now even leading a small team modding the game "Enter the Gungeon!"

At some point I'd love to create games, not just play and mod them (actually modding more right now than playing), but the only thing I can do is code.

Greetings,I am Jesse McCree from overwatch.
I usually report crashing on mods to authors,because it is really annoying as hell.
Sadly,I don't make any mods since I haven't learned how to make mods.
But I am satisfied with using lots of mods from other users and reporting bugs to them.(Except for when I am crashed in game many times and cannot find lua file which causes crashing.)
Hello My name is Sentient Hunhow (Warframe)

Sentient Hunhow On Warframe : Sentient Destroyer of Worlds (Derp well fuck it)

Sentient Hunhow on STEAM & Other Games : Good Sentient And hue hue hue :D

I Liked Your Mods on Mod Workshop 100% Perfect.

I am Good One Down Survivor Proably With Bots With Players is 100% Impossible But not have Good Players to end this Sadly.

Well Thanks and Have Fun ^^
Vampire and occult-obsessed
Feel free to add me on Steam ^-^
hay there.......
i dropped soap by accident back when i was doing time
call me kuro..... thanks
I like *****
i am ******

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