Bonnie Character
Does anyone ever actually use her or set her to be your Default character?

Also, does she have a bigger hitbox? I'm just wondering, is there like a strategical handicap by using her because of enlarged hit boxes.
I use her all day every day. Bon Bon the Beautiful is the most amazing heister. Fookin twats.
No, she don't. Every Character have the same stats, even if she is fat she run as fast as Chains or Sokol, and have the same stamina. Don't worry ;)
I love playing as her, honestly had her as my default character since she came out - taking a break to play as Jiro now though. Because HOLY FUCK GRINDZERKER WITH KATANA AND DECAPITATIONS


(I use this build with Grinder, I use two-piece suit, I only got iron man for the shieldfucking )

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