Hawaiian shirt for Bodhi
I was thinking about some summer-ish design for Bodhi
What about replacing Bodhi's boring vest for a little hawaiian "shirt" ? (well not a shirt, because you can't remodel it, but you go the idea) like one of these two :
[Image: hawaiian-shirt-7.jpg]


[Image: sunset-glow-blue-hawaiian-shirt-3.jpg]

It could look cool, right?
I've completed this.  Give me some time to get screenshots in order (few hours) and I'll reply again with the link to the mod.

EDIT:  I'm having some unfortunate delays whilst trying to get the screenshots prepared.  I'm going to delay this until tomorrow (2/24/16) roughly around 12:00pm.
Mod has been posted.  By the time you see this there may (or may not) be placeholder screenshots.
Anyways, you can find the mod here.
Wow, that was fast. Glorious, ty

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