Music stream names
I know the wiki will be up soon, but I want to try to replace another song for loop testing for a bit.
I've got Razormind Stealth Build Up 1 Build Up 2 Build Up 3 Build Up 4 Assault

Fusebox (which I can't use) Stealth Build Up 1 Build Up 2 Build Up 3 Build Up 4 Holder Assault

And Time Window Stealth Build Up 1 Build Up 2 Assault

Did anyone save any others?



Shoutout (missing stealth)

Kicking Ass and Taking Names

The Gauntlet
I am not a spy should have a good part if I am not mistaken.
All I have:
Thank you so very much, seriously.
Hi, how are you doing? hope fine
i really apreciate this guide... but for some reasons of destiny
after several hours reading the Mod Guide and having massive troubles for just that i was
attempting to change the music "Shadows and Trickery" by
following your guide BUT
there is something with these:

Shadows And Trickery ------ This one is a 2 sec loop to "start" the music in general ------- Assault Theme - 2:00 Mins
"""785122015"""".stream --- (This one is from Armored to the Teeth)
The correct one is 471133328.Stream ------- Which corresponds to Stealth Theme - 2:40 Mins ------ This is for the "pre" music or hmm i don't know Between each music (depends the situation) - 1:20 Mins
And the missing one is this ------ this mostly sounds right before the Assault Theme - 38 Secs

finally found these after "Converting" all the Streams"
and making massive stuff and a waaaay long etc etc etc
i didn't check the other ones but just tell me if i can help.
Very Usefull Guide By the way.
Sorry about the jumbled up stream names, I know a lot of them are actually in the wrong place but you don't need to use my list. I am not a spy...'s dropbox above you has most of the songs; you just need to search for what you want. The only thing you should use mine for is the new songs until that spreadsheet has them added. (The Gauntlet, Shoutout, Kicking Ass and Taking Names, Backstab)

Shadows and Trickery has 120831995, 281413119, 965428519 and 989733159.
Just realised you weren't talking to me, disregard the above.

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