27th December Raffle
Ok, so Rafflecopter is having some... issues at the moment, so i shall be holding the raffles for 1 copy of the Kind of Jesters mask

So, guidelines:

comment to enter
1 entry per user
random number generator will select winner
raffle will end 29th December 2015 at 8pm GMT
If you comment twice, your 2nd comments will be voided and rerolled

Good luck all!

And the winner is!
King of Jesters - 41 - Death
n e e d
ayyy lmao
You get the idea.
Looks cool, I guess.
Just let me win. This is more rigged that Twitch giveaways
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[Image: eb44937e27.jpg]
good raffle
Do the thing.
Let's the game begin

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