Replace any mask with The Griefer mask from Crimewave Edition (PS4)
Don't tell me you don't want this beauty in-game!

[Image: le9R7Yx.jpg]
oh gosh! that's horrifying!
Overkill has said they don't want people model swapping to get platform exclusive content.
@Galvanized -_- Frankly, they cant quite do anything about it.
Overkill can get stuffed, they still haven't released any of the promised content and i bet you that the casino will be a big flop like Meltdown where they had no idea what to do but throw snipers at you bucket load after bucketload

Stealth will be horribly long and full of BS
Loud will be cheap

Well thats me rambling, go for it!
(06-23-2015, 12:50 AM)D3ck3r5 - Up6r4d3 0r D13 Wrote: @Galvanized -_- Frankly, they cant quite do anything about it.

fun fact: the Xbox 360 version gets a mask that is supposed to be a Master chief helmet but guess what...
And I have the 360 version alongside PC and I am not shoving dildos up any asses about other people getting that Thespian mask xd

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