music.bnk editing
I have two series of questions regarding the title.

What is it that the Auto Script Creator actually do in the process? If it can do it, I should be able to do it too right? When it's done, it comes out with the script.script inside the Music.bnk or something. Is that something like Souzooka's script in ?
Why can't the ASC do a series of stream files?

Also as a side thing, I tried to get 3 stream files of the same song, Full Force forward, and put them through ASC. Is it because the ASC uses the music.bnk file each time that it can't have all 3 pdmods at once? Seriously, while I did come to that conclusion, it doesn't mean shit if I don't know if that's the actual answer even if it does seem obvious.

In Hex Editing following past the existing bank stuff (I followed it anyways just for clarity sake):
Going through the guide, a difference in hex editors is apparent such as looking for C4 and BD. The only thing I could go off is his HO>.
Because of this I need to ask how do I go about finding the playback lengths and loop points? I've definitely tried; this is what I got for Full Force Forward:
; Playback length:
Replace : AB AA AA AA 5E 0A 0A 41 :
; Loop point:
Replace : 9F AA AA AA 5E 0A 0A 41 :
am I on the right track?

The latter is empty because I do not know what to do now. I think this was for replacing existing songs with other existing songs, but I really can't figure that out.

Someone asked a question in hex editing about adding values to which Bluewave41 answered with at the end
5*60 = 300
300+18 = 318
318xxx where x are the milliseconds. (or just use 319000)

Pick any 8 bytes and change the double value to what you have and it turns into your hex value.

319000 would be 00 00 00 00 60 78 13 41 "
How did he change 319000 into 00 00 00 00 60 78 13 41?
Is that string of numbers what I need next to the Replace : lines?

I just want to be able to replace songs through scripts and not through .pdmod if I can. If I must go through pdmod, then I still need to learn this stuff right?

If something doesn't make sense, or you need me to expand on my problems please tell me.
Oh right, I also have no experience in any of this. Whatever this is.
How the hell do you even edit it and can it fix distortion in audio mods?
I slept on it and gave this some thought upon re-reading and reading your question. This isn't about music.bnk editing.
This is about using the stuff inside the music.bnk in order to put into a script file.
I downloaded the trial version of 010 editor to look into .bnk.

I'm going to assume you do not know what Auto Script Creator is, so I'll start there.

Auto Script Creator makes the stream files impossible to put into mod_overrides work flawlessly; aka no distortion. When ASC runs, two things are made; script.script and is useless right now.
What matters is script.script. Inside it is what I want to replicate:

Replace : 00 00 00 00 90 2C FB 40 : 00 00 00 00 00 23 F9 40

Replace : 52 49 46 46 68 43 54 00 57 41 56 45 66 6D 74 (continues for 5114 double digits )... : 00 00 00 00 00 23 F9 40

The problem is ASC only does one file. I tried to replace assault Full Force Forward and Calling All Units and ended up with silence at the menu showing that shit conflicted. I want to be able to do what it does, except the important shit (if it works like that) for each stream file instead of that long ass string for the 2nd one. I think that's what causes the conflict.

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