Question about smoke throwables
Whats the location of all the data for the smoke grenade throwable and its effects?  Can I change the blue smoke separately from the default grey smoke?  Sorry if this seems like a newbie question.
The main root of the smoke grenade is in units > pd2_dlc_max > weapons > wpn_fps_smoke_screen_grenade
The effect its using for the smoke is located in effects/particles/explosions/explosion_smoke_grenade

(Notepad++ is required for editing these and i think its possible to change the color, for my guess it's gonna be this line
<billboard texture="effects/textures/bullet_hit/e_smoke_streak_01_4x1" colors are tagged as <color_keys loop="false"> as far as i remember, but i can't really spot the smoke effect color values.)

If you don't have any of these files in your extracted contant then you can ask for it here and i'll send them right away
Oh yes thank you found the smoke grenade effect but haven't found the pd2_dlc_max file
Okay then i'll send it to you in this thread .
Edit: Done

Also by reading this phrase
Quote: but haven't found the pd2_dlc_max file
you propably use the default hashlist that is bundled with Bundle Modder/Patcher, you can get the unofficial hashlist that has the latest missing files from here and is being updated when a new update is out within a few days or just a week:

To apply the hashlist file that is inside the .zip file it's really easy, you need to put it in the root where the .exe of the bundle patcher is and override the file with the one from this .zip archive

In case you don't know where to put these files i'll just add a simple image where it has to be put
[Image: fed8093d74.png]

All you have to do is to override the hashlist file with the one from bitbucket inside the archive, once you will be done with that process and want to extract the missing files it's always better to tick the ''ignore existing files'' option in the bundle patcher

[Image: c6f4975347.png]

Well, that's it. That's everything.

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