Introduce yourself!
Zero wanted to do something with the tag. But for now everyone who wants can wear the tag. Let everyone know how good LB is.
Just don't be a cheat or what not with the tag on. Be nice and friendly. Wear it when you feel like it.
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(11-03-2015, 11:11 PM)Cloodden Wrote: Zero wanted to do something with the tag. But for now everyone who wants can wear the tag. Let everyone know how good LB is.
Just don't be a cheat or what not with the tag on. Be nice and friendly. Wear it when you feel like it.

I see, thanks Clooden. Now i know why do they wear it.
(11-03-2015, 11:11 PM)Cloodden Wrote: Just don't be a cheat or what not with the tag on. Be nice and friendly. Wear it when you feel like it.

This is pretty much what Zero said about it when we did a shoutbox ama with him.
Well, not everyone knows. Shoutbox isn't permanent. This is.
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Hello ,

I'm GreenTR , if you are curious my real name is Eren. (Not Eren Yeager :P)
I am 22 and I'm from Turkey , Istanbul greetings!
I am new at modding models but I'am here for a long time.. 08.2014 I think.

If you have to ask something go for it ! (:
[Image: A67aZB.png]

[Image: Z7XZaZ.png]
You can find beta screenshots in my Steam Profile.
-I lost my mods folder. I need some time.

I am Lamblaza, formerly known as Ric104!
I am 17, and from a small town in the great state of Texas, USA! I am not new to modding, I have done so for quite a few years, since I was about 13. I usually create mods or modifications using bases or editing of existing items, and tweaking and combining it with others for entirely new things. (Hence modifications) I usually do texture work, however, I can edit bits of coding here and there, especially LUA! I love to help people out, and disagree with those who are constantly negative, and do nothing but bad mouth games, devs or any other person, or just troll in general.

...that was kind of a bit much, but that's me!
Hello to everyone, i'm roberto i'm 23 years old and from italy, i bought payday 2 a few days ago from steam sale and i loved it *_* and now i've found this amazing modding comunity and i want to contribute to it :D my main works are retextures and i do them a lot for games like: fallout, resident evil, dead rising and now even on payday

thats it XD thanks for reading ;)
Hello everyone! This might be more detailed than one would expect, but ah well - if it get's to let you guys know me better, then what the heck, right?

My real name is Humzah - shocker, I kno (Humzahh online because the second H is for my last name - yeah, I'm not that creative).

I'm a 22 year old, full time college student who is also a 911 Call-taker / Police Dispatcher for a city that is close to Dallas, Texas. I was sent to Dallas while the tragic events unfolded almost a month ago, and we were the ones who coordinated efforts with the FBI and the U.S. Marshals, along with speaking with the Office of the President of the United States about meeting with the Mayor of Dallas - it's all part of what we in the Communications Division do.

I'm studying Criminology and Criminal Justice for my degree, and plan on promoting to a Police Officer position in my current department. After maybe 10 years of doing that, I plan on going  federal - maybe the FBI, CIA, etc.

I have an interest in photography and video production in my free time, and enjoy playing games with my buddies. I enjoy mainly 80's / 90's music, my all-time favorite movie is Jurassic Park, and I have an everlasting taste for spicy spicy spicy food (hint hint, I'm Pakistani), as well as Nepali food and Chinese food. I do love the occasional steak or refined, homemade, saucy hamburger though - what can I say, I'm from Texas! I also ride a motorcycle, a 1995 Honda Pacific Coast - a true cult classic bike no longer in production, requiring the most tender love and care that can be afforded for it. It used to be a CHP bike, so you can imagine how much this bike means to me :D

As far as my presence online goes, I didn't use Steam at all until I visited my cousin in Pakistan for the first time, who was himself about 22 or 23 at that time. He introduced us to Counter Strike: Condition Zero, which we instantly fell in love with, and when we got back to the US, we couldn't find the same game, but instead, Half-Life: Uplink. I think we played that for about a year until we found out about Half-Life 2 and downloaded the demo for that. It was at that point that I discovered Steam with my brothers since Half-Life 2's demo required Steam. 

Fast forward a few years and 3 or 4 games on Steam later, we eventually found out about PAYDAY: The Heist in 2012. Once again, we played the demo on our PS3 and knew we HAD to buy the game for ourselves on PC - so we did and we played it nearly 24/7 for a few months - right when PAYDAY 2 was announced. By now, I had already started using SPUF (the Steam Powered User Forums - which are now dead BTW) to talk to other people about the game. 

My name was becoming more and more familiar to people on SPUF, and when PAYDAY 2's beta released, I decided to make a bug reporting thread for people playing the Beta so all the information could be consolidated to one, easy to find area. Little did I know that it would become one of the top 5 most replied topics on the PAYDAY SPUF. After that, I continued the trend and made a new thread for every DLC that came out from then on - people told me they appreciated my threads the most because they were straight-forward, courteous, and almost always provided unbiased information and caused thought-provoking discussions. My threads were generally regarded to as high-quality or respected, and I don't have to speak for myself when 3 of my topics are on the "most replied to" front page. Along the way, I also organized the first PAYDAY-Fans group on deviantArt with a good friend from the PAYDAY SPUF (Robattaz), and started creating / producing PAYDAY themed SFM works.

Then one day, a random user on PAYDAY SPUF decided to "vote" me into the PAYDAY Moderator Crew, citing my hard work and milestones for helping OVERKILL spread the word about PAYDAY - to which Almir very quickly agreed, and I was entered into the Moderator crew.

Fast forward a little further to a few weeks ago where both the PAYDAY 2 Community Hub and Lastbullet announced, at the same time, that they are looking for moderators. I figured I would apply for both because, honestly, I expected to be rejected from at least one or the other. I was accepted almost the next day as a PAYDAY 2 Official group chat moderator, and figured I fell out with Lastbullet. That is, until just a few days ago.

So, here I am - ready to help out whenever needed! Maybe I'm taking on more than I can handle, maybe not. I'll have to just wait and see how all this works out.

Until then, I'm your proud, new PR Moderator for Lastbullet! So if you have any questions, please feel free to post on my Steam profile and I'll get back to you in a timely fashion :D

P.S. Tats, regarding the whole thing going on about new and unknown moderator names and faces, do you mind if we can get a news post about it to clear things up a bit maybe?

Thanks for reading!
Im croc, i make mods, ive made more weapon replacers than you can count

No-one likes me because i keep asking for animation tools.
I'm NICEGUY1331, I make dumb mods such as sound replacements, retextures, weird stuff with .gui, and much more.

I'm 12 years old tho :C

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