Full Force Foward (Hype Train Remix) and Hold On Tight
Hype train version already exists here: https://modworkshop.net/mydownloads.php?...wn&did=170#

Hold on tight did exist as nightclub music (I have it myself) but thanks to the recent system fuck-uppery or whatever happened, it's not reuploaded and doesn't seem to be in unclaimed mods.

I'm not 100% sure who made it so I'd rather not reupload it without the ability to properly credit them either.
If you're at all familiar with how to make music replacer mods, the nightclub track is under soundbanks\streamed\music\668133142.stream

Edit: After reading your comment properly you've stated you're not, however, if anyone would like to try themselves, well, the stream is there c:

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