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A feed the beast server for whoever from here want to play.
(03-15-2016, 10:10 PM)Rokk Wrote: [quote='2 year old chain smoker' pid='6290' dateline='1458001976']
@'Rokk' Technic's mod pack permissions are ****** anybody can create a mod pack without permissions

Quote:Technic's permissions are fine, not sure what you're on about.

You mean that one incident 3 years ago? Because that was 3 years ago, it was a private modpack (and thus exempt from permissions). The only reason it went public, is because Yogscast started playing it and linking to it.

Besides, the 1.7.10 pack has full permissions, and is not affiliated with Technic. It's a community modpack.

I mean regardless people can still download a private pack if the pack was not ment for them I know because people downloaded a pack that I made I mean they could of changed but mods like Journey map will most likely not give permission to upload your pack if it's on the Technic launcher

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