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RUINER Mask - ENDERBORN - 08-18-2018

Hey there, I just wondered if someone here could replicate the RUINER Mask since Joy has the same feature on hers.
I can provide the 3D models and mask animations if needed.

Thanks in advance !

[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=11188244]

RE: RUINER Mask - Bruno (3) - 01-07-2019

I REALLY like the idea. But unfortunately can't help

RE: RUINER Mask - carl ruins everything - 01-07-2019

Could you provide the 3D models and mask animations, actually? I enjoyed the hell out of RUINER and have been wanting this mask since the Joy mask hit. I'm not exactly stellar at model porting, but I bet I can figure out the sequence_manager stuff necessary to make it work and then just throw it at someone on the discord given like a week.