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Mod the Gungeon - 0x0ade - 09-13-2016

Hi! Lead dev of the "Mod the Gungeon" squad speaking here.
This is an announcement thread. Is the microphone on? taps Yes.

We're welcoming anyone playing Enter the Gungeon to discuss about game mods, mod requests and reskins here!

As this is my first time being a forum moderator (and as I'm quite inactive on forums in general), Zatherz (Gungeon modder #2) will be (forcibly) helping me out here.
If you've got any questions, no matter if related to Gungeon, the mods, the modding squad or the community, feel free to ask here, via PM or on the Enter the Gungeon Discord server!

We're a very relaxed community with relaxed rules, but please follow the Last Bullet rules and please stay on-topic with Gungeon modding.


RE: Mod the Gungeon on Last Bullet - tsuna vr - 09-13-2016

Welcome to you and your team!

RE: Mod the Gungeon on Last Bullet - DarkVexon - 09-13-2016

Hi! It's me, DarkVexon, another ETGmod developer. We're glad to be here!

RE: Mod the Gungeon on Last Bullet - Zatherz - 09-13-2016

I'm a person. Reverse engineering is my hobby. Lately I've been working on some unrelated stuff but I will hopefully get back to working on ETGMod now.
Also, I will have to write all the docs, so there's that.
I know x86 assembly, C, Lua, a tiny bit of Java and C#.

RE: Mod the Gungeon on Last Bullet - tsuna vr - 09-14-2016

A warm welcome to you two as well!

RE: Mod the Gungeon - Marowfreeze - 09-21-2018

Hey guys this is where i can put in requests for mods? was hoping someone could make a cool/curse tracker

on another note how do i enable my mods? i installed hekstwerk, infinite keys and infinte ammo and health bars but only health bars are working