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Hawaiian shirt for Bodhi - [Unintelligible] - 02-22-2016

I was thinking about some summer-ish design for Bodhi
What about replacing Bodhi's boring vest for a little hawaiian "shirt" ? (well not a shirt, because you can't remodel it, but you go the idea) like one of these two :
[Image: hawaiian-shirt-7.jpg]


[Image: sunset-glow-blue-hawaiian-shirt-3.jpg]

It could look cool, right?

RE: Hawaiian shirt for Bodhi - Higgue - 02-23-2016

I've completed this.  Give me some time to get screenshots in order (few hours) and I'll reply again with the link to the mod.

EDIT:  I'm having some unfortunate delays whilst trying to get the screenshots prepared.  I'm going to delay this until tomorrow (2/24/16) roughly around 12:00pm.

RE: Hawaiian shirt for Bodhi - Higgue - 02-24-2016

Mod has been posted.  By the time you see this there may (or may not) be placeholder screenshots.
Anyways, you can find the mod here.

RE: Hawaiian shirt for Bodhi - [Unintelligible] - 02-24-2016

Wow, that was fast. Glorious, ty