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Shotgunners Return! (kinda) (No BLT required)
Version 1.1 | Last Updated: 02-11-2018, 09:30 PM
Status: Public
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As many of you are familiar, shotgunner enemies were removed outside of scripted spawns with the difficulty rebalance way back. GenSec shotgunners weren't ever in normal spawns before, but now the FBI shotgunner who had taken their place in Deathwish of old also doesn't spawn normally. But did you know that shotgun-wielding enemies are still around? They are just the regular AR wielding cop model but with Reinfeld instead of their usual weapon. Why did Overkill create a new enemy type to remove visual enemy variety? Like many things Overkill, it is a mystery. But hey, at least heavies can have shotguns now.

This mod uses the r870 variant of the FBI SWAT and GenSec Elite to restore the shotgunner models that are now never seen as normal spawns. Because this is just a model swap, no scripts are required so you don't need to be host to see the changes. Keep in mind that some heists, I think mostly the older ones, don't have the r870 variants in their spawnlists and they aren't very common in the ones they do spawn in either. I expected someone to have made a mod like this already because it was really easy but couldn't find anything like it, so I'm uploading hoping I don't have to take it down because I missed something.

(You may already know the drill, but) To install: drag the "Shotgunners" folder into your assets/mod_overrides folder.

Possible Room for improvement:
  • SWAT shotgunners haven't been restored but I don't have their files handy and I don't think enough people play on low difficulty to care
    (swat_870 doesn't exist apparently, making me extract Payday's game files twice for nothing.)
  • GenSec shotgunners use the Reinfeld instead of their normal M1014; I think that I can change that without affecting gameplay or breaking anything (I'm new to modding so I'm not sure) but if anyone wants it I could try.
    (I changed a single value and that did it. I don't know what I expected.)

I'd like to thank EvilBobarino for his enemy skin mod of which I've disected and stitched back together with other reskin mods to make my personal abomination. I figured out how to do this by looking through his mod's files and crashing my game a bunch.
V1.0: Initial release
V1.1: GenSec shotgunners have their M1014 back and I made the file structure not stupid
I don't think I stole anything

As for you, tell me if you use it in your mod I guess? (Does anyone take these seriously?)

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