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AK Topless
Version 1.2 | Last Updated: 09-11-2017, 07:04 PM
Status: Public
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Removes AKM top cover so you can see all the nitty-gritty internal mechanism.
AK top cover is just a thin sheet of metal to prevent element from getting into the inside of the AK, so the weapon can still shoot just fine if the top cover is missing, albeit it'll get dirty easier.

Increases Concealment, while Suppression/Threat suffers.

As Always,

Requires BeardLib

> Put in "mod_overrides" folder

Known Issue:
- Internal parts color doesn't match with pd2 AK.. Im not texture guy so I cant do anything about it.
- The bolt gas piston is too short. I may fix this with added model from the source, but since it's only appear split-second (or you play in super slow-mo speed), this is not a glaring issue, and I may not fix this anytime soon.
- Updated mod for new BeardLib Manager GUI display
Models/Textures from CoD: Modern Warfare Remastered (IW/Activision)

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09-05-2017, 11:10 PM
It always amazes me how much can be cut off an AK without it compromising its ability to shoot.

07-30-2017, 09:11 PM
Aw :(

07-30-2017, 05:47 PM
Most likely no.

07-30-2017, 06:50 AM
Could you make this for the Krinkov too?

07-29-2017, 04:04 AM
I originally planned to change pd2 ak lower receiver to MWR ak lower receiver, so the lower receiver is hollow with some more internal parts (not like pd2 where it's 1 solid block), but the amount of editing i have to go through is too much for that..

07-29-2017, 03:47 AM
Fair enough. I figured there was a reason.

07-29-2017, 02:28 AM
Yes, it'll require additional model editing to fully use entire MWR Battleworn AK. Even the bolt and coil spring model go through similar process.

07-28-2017, 11:38 PM
Would it be too much of a hassle to use the entire MWR model?

07-28-2017, 09:47 PM

07-28-2017, 07:23 PM

I didn't know porn was allowed on Modworkshop! Even if it's gunporn!

07-28-2017, 05:56 PM
how lewd

07-28-2017, 04:10 PM
Since it degrades weapon performance faster, it should have a slight Stability penalty.

Just saying eksdi

07-28-2017, 02:38 PM
Could you add a milled reciever (AK47 reciever)?

07-28-2017, 10:21 AM
Nice this is like the Battleworn skin from the Cod MW remaster