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MostWantedBoy's Crime Spree
Version v0.11 | Last Updated: 04-21-2017, 11:39 AM
Status: Public
Views: 725
Downloads: 36
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Do you want a "harder" Crime Spree, one that is truly a challenge? No? Well, bad for you, cause this mod is exactly that.

*If you want to play with your friends using this mod, they need to have it downloaded as well.

Changes Made By This Mod:

*It disables achievements (May be changed in the future)
*Adds the modifiers "Two Additional Bulldozers will spawn" and "Two Additional Medics will spawn" as repetitive modifiers (d i v e r s i t y)
*The Base Difficulty is Mayhem, instead of Overkill
*Slightly modifies the modifiers:
 -Instead of 20%+ Health and 30%+ Damage, it has been changed to 5%+ Health, 10%+ Damage and 2%+ Health, 4%+ Damage as standard and repetitive modifiers respectively
 -Instead of the repetitive "The Mininum Concealment is raised by 3", it has been modified to "The Minimum Concealment is raised by 1"
*The Initial Cost is 8 CC, instead of 6
*If you crash, you WON'T fail the Crime Spree
*If you lose, you will lose all of your rewards up to that point {Uncertain about that}
*The Gage Assets cost 27 CC, instead of 18
*Every Pager Modifier has been modified to 1
*The Randomization Cost has been modified to 8 CC, with a multiplier of 3 (First Respin costs 8 CC, Second Respin costs 24 CC and so on)

To Do List/"Let's hope it happens" List:
^Create an announcer to alert the other players about the mod's usage. (Completed in v0.11)
^Disable the "Spawn Heavies" and "Spawn Skulldozers" modifiers.
^Balance the mod
^Update and add particular strings

Wish List:
^Add more heists to Crime Spree {Uncertain if possible without crashing}
v0.11: Separated MostWantedBoy's Crime Spree playerbase from the Original Crime Spree playerbase
v0.1: Released for Open Testing

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04-25-2017, 05:20 AM
Hey man,  You can change the difficulty from "Mayhem" to "One Down" If not, i can edit rows for this ? You know why I want to do this, because I think that the mod [DW+] will work in a Crime Spree

04-20-2017, 08:11 PM
I will work on a warning, so everytime a player joins a lobby with this mod activated, he will be warned from the beginning.

04-20-2017, 07:53 PM
If this makes public Crime Spree crashes, it's better to implement matchmaking key to mod's user