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One-liners on loading screen
Version 1.2.1 | Last Updated: 09-12-2017, 07:14 PM
Status: Public
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This mod adds one-liners to the loading screen (see the screenshots).

One-liners taken from here
Used those which more or less make sense and consist of less than 70 characters (about 300 in total).

Compatible with mods which change loading screen's background (mod_overrides mods). Might be compatible with other BLT mods for loading screen, you'll have to test it.

Standard BLT installation.

If you don't know what BLT is:
Google "payday 2 BLT" and install it.
Put the "Loading Screen One-liners" folder to your PAYDAY2\mods folder (the BLT will be looking for PAYDAY2\mods\Loading Screen One-liners\mod.txt file, so make sure you do it right and it is there).
-A newer version of auto-update script


-Changed to work with BLT2

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11-02-2016, 07:07 PM
looks like windows10.