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Old Old Hoxton Sound Pack
Version 9.5 | Last Updated: 01-16-2017, 04:13 AM
Filetype: application/octet-stream
MD5: 324e92977cb356c1ed7b899e2f94a61e
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I replaced some majority lines from PD2 with PDTH.

Following sounds replaces
- Hoxton calling out to teammates. (When calling out to Dallas, Wolf and Chains he will use his PDTH voice instead)
- Hoxton inspire lines from PDTH. (Including "Get up" lines) -- All boosting inspire lines and they are bit louder now. So get a ******* move on ye ****!! 9/11/15
- Hoxton's single civilian intimidation line during non-assault.
- Hoxton's more violent cuff lines from PDTH.
- Hoxton responding to teammates by being called from PDTH.
- Hoxton's fixed curse where in "Oh sh!t" lines has "I got the drill" mistake from developers.
- Hoxton's help lines from PDTH (When calling out to Dallas, Wolf, and Chains he will cry louder)
- Medic bag and ammo deployment lines from PDTH - (All of them are now replaced 8/15/16)
- Hoxton's thanking lines when revived.
- Hoxton's Taser marking lines during non-assault. -- 8/16/15
- Hoxton single civilian "stay down" shout during assault. He will scream at the civilian to stay down instead of quoting in third person.
- Added the First World Bank/Heat quote from PDTH into Payday 2 --- 11/4/15
- Added rescue lines from PDTH when Hoxton is being called as an AI for assistance.(Of course not all is replaced but eh) --- 11/4/15
- Added "Snipers" lines (Not the call out, but the mission line referring to incoming snipers) from PDTH. -- 11/4/15
- Hoxton's "Get me out of these cuffs" lines - 1/24/16
- Hoxton's interrogation lines (you know, yelling at the taxman for the codes) -- 2/19/16
- Hoxton's generic broken device line - 8/15/16
- Added custom sniper take down lines for Hoxton - 9/2/16
- Added custom medic take down lines (during Assault) for Hoxton - 11/18/16

Update 1/15/17: All of Hoxton's follow me lines are now replaced again for the nth time :/

Also, I made a demonstration of this mod. It's actually an audio of most of the lines I replaced so you can hear before you download:

This voice pack uses the mod_override system and inside should be about 20 different folders. Drag those folders inside "assets" -> "mod_override" folder and your good to go.

I got this all from PDTH :) and people like Old Old Hoxton right?

NOTE: - Make sure you are playing the game in English or else it won't work. Not sure why but it happens.

Your gonna enjoy this mod for awhile sunshine.

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07-01-2017, 02:33 PM
You can add the hoxton old war cries? the new ones are good but i like the old ones

03-22-2017, 07:12 PM
It ain't messed up anymore.

12-18-2016, 10:09 PM
Welp, the scarface heist update messed up my mod again for the nth time. Nooooo!

11-19-2016, 09:52 AM
why is there a **** ton of folders?

11-19-2016, 06:52 AM
Well, just as I decided to try out Hoxton today I see this mod in the recently updated section. I know what mod I'm installing.

10-25-2016, 07:29 PM
I can't do anything to solve that. This mod only replaces .stream files. :(

10-21-2016, 04:35 AM
Hey,i love this mod,but i have a request.
Currently, during the control phase, Hoxton uses his "get down" lines instead of saying "stay down" like other heisters (that means he tells civs to GET down even though they are already down,when he should say STAY down)
Could you fix that?At least reusing his assault lines or the ones from PDTH?
this has been a bug since last year and overkill hasn't done anything about it

09-16-2016, 05:14 AM
How do you make character voice mods for pd2?

09-07-2016, 09:40 PM
so what about old chains can we see a voice over for him in the future?

09-03-2016, 12:44 AM
Damn. Well, I certainly wouldn't mind seeing some his lines replaced. I'd kill to have his GOGOGO back.

09-02-2016, 11:48 PM
Wolf had more .stream files in PD:TH than in PD2. Plus Wolf only has one basic inspire line. I can't "add" lines to the game I can only replace them.

09-02-2016, 11:22 PM
Wolf has more lines in PD:TH.

For example, his "GOGOGOGOGO", which didn't make to PD2 for some reason. If you made a Wolf mod that adds the missing lines it would be great.

08-21-2016, 12:09 AM
Wolf's voice lines remained the same in Payday 2.

08-20-2016, 10:03 PM
I totally want Wolf's version.

08-19-2016, 01:42 AM
Oh uh, the link is dead by the way.

08-19-2016, 01:38 AM
Does this also keep some of the pd2 lines?

07-30-2016, 06:47 PM
@Locke2004 Sorry man, I don't know how to fix that :(

07-26-2016, 09:53 PM
Are you working yet to solve the problem of language ?

07-26-2016, 01:38 AM
Dont taze me bro dont taze me!

07-09-2016, 01:41 AM
I can't access the mod because it says I'm not allowed to access those links