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Categories whose parent category is "Payday 2"
Audio (2392 downloads)
Sound effects, Voice replacements, etc. Note: is a separate sub-category.
BLT (1131 downloads)
Characters (698 downloads)
Sub Categories: Menu | Fonts | HUD | Game Intro | Ad Section
Interface (284 downloads)
Changes the appearance and or the structure of the in-menu interface.
Sub Categories: Materials | Patterns
Masks (299 downloads)
Sub Categories: Non-Mods | Infamy Cards
Miscellaneous (116 downloads)
Mod Packs (24 downloads)
Resources (29 downloads)
Files, media, information, etc. that can be used to create content or be processed by tools.
Tools (18 downloads)
Programs and Applications etc. the process files and data.
Weapons (1468 downloads)
Sub Categories: Deployables | Pickups
Equipment (109 downloads)
Deployables, Cable ties, Grenades and Pickups
Custom Heists (0 downloads)
World (269 downloads)
Environmental changes such as walls, trees, floors, furniture, etc.
Sub Categories: BLT | mod_overrides
Non-Functional Mods (19 downloads)
Graveyard for those mods we know and love, ones that are broken and destroyed in cold blood by the cruelness that is know as an update.
May we all have 5 minutes of silent for our beloved comrades.
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Payday 2
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