Full Version: Windows 10
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How is it? Is it worth the upgrade (well, not necessarily WORTH, because it was free for reservation)?

Is it goooood? :3
About 5/10 is worth in the scale, due to NSA spying on you am forcing you to turn the privacy settings off and Windows Defender scanning too, including your current location setting.

About Windows 10 the code for DirectX is really optimized at this moment and i can play the modern games at the stable 45-56 FPS.

For me it was a bit worth to pick it up off the Microsoft's site, but the gaming performance is just brillant in this OS.
in my scale it's 7 out of 10 because they improved a lot of stuff but i assume that you're gonna perform a Clean Install and back all of the important stuff (family and your personal information and other private important stuff). too on your Portable HDD Drive.

It performs really great on laptops with built in Intel HD 4000 also a quick FPS look on Win 10 as it performs for me.

Maximum - 60
Average - 56
Minimal - 41-46*

It's definetely worth a pick but be sure to make a local account, not the online one!
It's pretty damn good, its definitely not as clunky and shit as  Windows 8 
I didn't know about the privacy stuff though, but I do live in Britain as a pose to US.
Tbh I just got it because if you previously had Win 8 you could get a free upgrade.