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Poser Reborn - Customize your menu
Version Reborn
Last Updated: 04-17-2016, 05:11 PM
MD5: f2b52524c0340741b85a35fc5a989411
Downloads: 16656
Views: 54227

Customize your menu to make awesome pictures ;)

What is Poser Reborn?
Poser Reborn is nearly a full rewrite of the original mod bringing in overall enhanced stability, efficiency and features.

Main Features
  • Hide/Show the menu so you can take pictures without the annoying menu buttons ;)
  • Change your Characters pose, Position, Infamy Card and weapons the exact way you want them
  • Hide the Payday 2 logo, Pattern, Smoke,Money Particles and the COP Safe. All of which save your settings so they stay like that upon game restart
  • You can also show different objects on the Character. E.g. Loot Bag, Ammo Bag, Body Bag ETC
  • and one small feature which shows player's equipment in the main menu lobby ;)

First you MUST INSTALL the BLT Hook from here

Then drag and drop the files from the zip archive into your mods folder within your Payday 2 Directory.

On GitHub:

SaryDragon - Logo
GameMechanic - Naming
Peasemaker - Testing and feature suggestion


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01-10-2017, 07:14 PM
Can we update this so we can use new stance with new rocket launcher?

12-12-2016, 05:56 PM
Everytime I go to the inventory all bag options apply to my character. I only have the FAKs equipped. It's a pain to tick every option off again. Is the download corrupted?

10-08-2016, 12:50 PM
now i can stand with goat on me in main menu


07-28-2016, 12:26 PM
why i can't change background pattern like here ?

07-16-2016, 01:17 AM
Having "Save character pose" enabled and selecting a pose without a weapon (such as lobby 1-4) causes weapons with skins and non infamous players to be invisible in lobbies.

07-12-2016, 07:34 PM
@Manders Did you install/update BeardLib? That crash appears sometimes when other mods error. Make sure BeardLib is updated.

07-12-2016, 07:16 PM

Application has crashed: C++ exception

mods/Poser/Hooks/MenuScene.lua:243: attempt to call method 'poser_pose' (a nil value)

06-04-2016, 10:35 AM
Please add an option to save current equipment, too (not just pose), so it will stay like that upon game restart (like secondary weapon, armor, etc).

05-31-2016, 12:42 PM
@"Diamond Eclipse ♠4T2♠" Care to elaborate? I'm not having any issues on my end.

05-31-2016, 06:24 AM
Poser reborn died after update 99

05-15-2016, 09:12 PM
there is an way to save the infamy card i choosed?

04-22-2016, 11:33 AM
Update: Dunno Why but skins are working again :l

04-22-2016, 11:02 AM
@GREAT BIG BUSHY BEARD I've tried removing the menu stripping mod afterwards as well but didn't solve the problem[Video:]

04-22-2016, 10:37 AM

The Poser update that said it fixed some issue with Linux I think not sure :p sorry for late reply

04-20-2016, 05:49 PM
@GoldDragon New update as in Poser update or game update?

04-20-2016, 08:08 AM
The new update seems to make guns with skins completely invisible in lobbies and I uninstalled poser and they're visible again...hope you can check it out thanks in advanced!! 

04-18-2016, 08:58 PM
Scratch that, it now happens even if I unequip the goat bag.

04-18-2016, 08:56 PM
I got a bit of a glitch. If I select to have the goat bag then reload the view (e.g Going in inventory, tabbing out, etc.) then every single bag appears on my guy

03-25-2016, 04:08 PM
@"LordManders" I'm not having any issues with Poser on my end. Are you sure it isn't another mod that is causing your issue?

03-25-2016, 03:58 PM
Poser is crashing for me as of the Jimmy update.